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Wbjee 2020



                                     Hello my friends today I will tell you the best strategy for wbjee.
At first you all should know the exam dates, application form release date, fees, admit card, exam date etc. So let's know the details:
Application form: 18 oct 2019 - 14 nov 2019
Admit card available: 27 Jan 2020
Exam date : 2 Feb 2020
Time: math - 2 hours, physics and chemistry- 2 hours
Total Marks: 200
Total questions: 155
                     Questions pattern:
 Sub     category- I  category-II   category-III
               ( 1 mark)    (2 marks)      (2 marks)
Phy:-           30                 5                      5
                questions     questions      questions

Che:-           30                  5                      5
                questions     questions      questions

Math:-         50                15                      10
                 questions      questions   questions

marking:-    - 1/4                - 1/2                0

Fees :- For general; 700/- and SC/ST; 500/-

        ( all dates may be changed but this is officially uploaded)

                             Best strategy:-


 you have 2 hours for math and for CATEGORY-I each question you have 1 minute and for CATEGORY-II and CATEGORY-III  you have only near 2.5 minutes. You should do every question in CATEGORY-I . and for CATEGORY-II you should do only the questions which you know surely. And for CATEGORY-III you should try all the questions.

Physics and chemistry:-

You have only 2 hours so best strategy is 
For CATEGORY-I  you have 1 minute for each question and try to do all questions.
For CATEGORY-II and III you have 3 minutes for each questions. In CATEGORY-II you have do only the questions which you are damn sure. In CATEGORY-III you should do all the questions.

 I hope you all are doing well in the examination. Best of luck 💪👍👍

For further information please see the video:


And for Know how to fill up the application form in phone check this video:


                           YOU CAN ALSO SEE MY NOTES IN BENGALI

Thank you all for giving me your valuable time ❤️❤️

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